Elon's Twitter is going just great.

Projection activist projects messages criticizing Elon on Twitter's headquarters

GroupM warns advertising on Twitter is risky

Critical Twitter microservices are being shut off

Services within Twitter begin breaking

Omnicom Media Group recommends clients pause advertising on Twitter

Eli Lilly and Company stock falls sharply after an impostor account claims the price of insulin is free

Twitter's head of privacy, information security, and compliance resign

Sports Twitter grapples with impostor accounts

Verified users begin impersonating Elon

Tesla, Boring Company, and SpaceX engineers accidentally leave Slack channels public

Advertisers fail to reach a middle ground with Elon

Twitter layoffs occur, gutting employees and affecting critical teams

General Mills, Audi, Pfizer, and Mondelez International pause Twitter ads

Twitter is sued for unannounced mass layoffs

Twitter employees crunch to meet Elon's November 7 deadline

The Interpublic Group of Companies recommends clients pause advertising on Twitter

Twitter's head of advertising, product, and core engineering resign

Twitter's planned paid verification system inspires scammers